Revisiting the History of Chiropractic Care: Unveiling Key Milestones

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When diving into the annals of chiropractic care, one encounters a rich tapestry of innovation, determination, and dedication to holistic health. As a chiropractic professional, understanding this illustrious history can offer insight and context to your own practice. In this article, we journey back in time, revisiting the history of chiropractic care and highlighting its key milestones.

The Origins of Chiropractic Care: D.D. Palmer’s Discovery (1895)

Daniel David Palmer, an Iowa-based magnetic healer, kick-started the journey of chiropractic care. In September 1895, Palmer administered what’s known today as the first chiropractic adjustment on his janitor, Harvey Lillard. Lillard, who had impaired hearing for 17 years following an incident, noticed an improvement after the adjustment, leading Palmer to speculate that misalignment in the spine—now referred to as vertebral subluxations—could affect overall health.

The Establishment of the First Chiropractic School: Palmer School of Chiropractic (1897)

Bolstered by his initial success and conviction in the chiropractic approach, Palmer started the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, in 1897. The school, known today as the Palmer College of Chiropractic, became the first institution to officially train chiropractors, instilling in them the philosophies and techniques pioneered by Palmer. This milestone not only marked the establishment of formal education in chiropractic care but also gave birth to a new generation of practitioners dedicated to this holistic form of healthcare.

Legal Recognition and Licensure of Chiropractic Practice (1913)

The journey of chiropractic care was not without its share of legal battles. Amid skepticism and resistance from the broader medical community, the chiropractic practice faced its first litmus test in 1906 when D.D. Palmer was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. His son, B.J. Palmer, carried on his father’s work and was instrumental in achieving legal recognition for the chiropractic profession.

The real breakthrough came in 1913 when Kansas became the first state to legally recognize chiropractic practice and offer chiropractic licenses. This milestone sparked a chain reaction, leading to wider acceptance across the United States. Today, chiropractic is recognized and licensed in over 100 countries globally.

In understanding the history of chiropractic care, we gain insight into how far the profession has come and the potential it holds for the future. These milestones remind us of the determination, resilience, and progressive thinking that define chiropractic practice.

Remember, as chiropractors, we continue to contribute to this story. By providing holistic, patient-centered care, advancing research, and advocating for the profession, we carry the torch passed down from D.D. Palmer and contribute to the unfolding history of chiropractic care.

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