Welcome to the premier of the Florida Chiropractic Report

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Moving ahead with the times electronically, we want to acquaint you with THE BIG PICTURE of where we are going for our profession. We have had so much input from so many of you that the FCR (Florida Chiropractic Report) was the next natural step in our evolution. With the encouragement we have received, our focus is now to find solutions to remove barriers Florida chiropractors encounter. We have heard from 100’s of doctors who want change so it is our mission, with your help and the help of our governing legislative representatives (we have six on board so far) to move forward with our current agenda:

  • Get 40 hours approved for online continuing education known as “Doctor’s Choice”
  • Help promote and elect 100 willing Chiropractors to the FL legislature
  • Provide quality (not quantity) no cost continuing education
  • EMC Authorization
  • Address Medicare inequitable treatment of Chiropractors
  • Establish Chiropractic as the primary healthcare portal of entry for Floridians
  • Help Chiropractors grow their practices

Due to your overwhelming support, in 10 short months, the GoLearnNetwork, Inc. Free CE events has been one of the fastest growing organizations to grace our profession. It is our intention with your help to make it the largest in the state and to have the strongest single voice and position in government to protect our interests and promote legislation in our favor bringing us parity with other professions. We don’t tell you how to practice; we protect your right to practice. We welcome your participation in bringing new ideas, editorials and commitment to causes we can all unite behind.

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