Only 0.05% of barred attorneys in the U.S. considered asset protection one of their specialties.

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In recent years the American Bar Association conducted a survey of their attorneys
which revealed that only 0.05% of barred attorneys in the U.S. considered asset
protection one of their specialties. That represents less than 800 asset protection
attorneys for the whole country.
Like medicine, the law is a very big field and attorneys can and probably should
specialize in specific areas of the law. Just like any other field of work attorneys tend to
gravitate to the area where they can earn the most money. Asset protection is an area
where an attorney can charge a great deal of money but only to a very limited number
of people. Because of the lawsuit epidemic in our country (94% of the worlds lawsuits
filed in the U.S.) more and more people need asset protection, but the few attorneys
who do provide it, charge so much that it is out of the reach or comfort zone for most
people, even medical professionals.
Many people ask, “why can’t my own attorney do this?” The answer is that true asset
protection will normally involve use of entities in multiple states and also require
specialized language in those entities that will move assets out of the jurisdiction of the
courts. Most of the states in the U.S. have passed laws giving their judges a very wide
berth in controlling assets in tools such as Limited Liability Companies or LLC’s. If an
attorney does not have expertise required to know specific state laws surrounding these
tools it will be hard for this attorney to truly protect assets. It is not enough to know
your own state laws it is required to know all the state laws in order to achieve
maximum protection for their clients.
Following and understanding these laws is a taxing experience and only worthwhile if
the attorney has a high-volume asset protection practice. The standard attorney
practicing trial, family or business law typically will not invest the effort or time required
to truly know how to protect assets.
Legally Mine LLC has been helping medical and business professionals protect their
assets for over 40 years. In addition, because we do continuing education classes for
medical, dental, optometric, legal, and other business associations, we have a large
following and do nothing but asset protection. Our volume allows us to charge much
less than the standard asset protection attorney and yet our experience in the area is
second to none.

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