Burden in the current system of credentialing

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The current system of credentialing in our state has created a burden that affects everyone’s business in regards to how they require you to get them. We understand how difficult it can be for you to interrupt your busy schedules in order to maintain this credentialing. It isn’t fair for any of you to have to worry about shutting the office down or to miss out on any continuing education hours so you can earn your living, leaving your families for hours/days at a time, or paying for travel expenses just to keep your license and/or practice active.

We are here to begin the process of getting the 40 hours of continuing education classes online passed into law. A big part of getting these hours is going to be about building relationships with representatives and senates. For an example, Dr. Rick Warner was able to build a relationship with Representative Corcoran through a mutual friend the two of them shared and now he is on our side to help. Our goal is going to be building relationships like these to get us one step closer to getting this law passed.

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